A wonderful tour for divers who love diversity: Colorful coral gardens with schools of fish, breathtaking drop offs, reefs with cave passages, and not to forget the spectacular night dives. A blend of the best the Red Sea has to offer.

On the way to Fury shoals, you might visit Sha’ab Sharm with its wall dives and white tip reef sharks. Oceanic white tips and silky sharks can sometimes be found in the blue and turtles often visit the south side before heading further south. At Fury Shoals, you can explore Sha’ab Claude with its famous swim-throughs and huge porite corals. White tip reef sharks and an anemone and clownfish settlement can be seen a little off the reef to the South. Abu Galawa Soraya has a fantastic coral garden and a wreck of a private sailing boat populated with glass fish.

The massive reef system of St. John’s is located furthest south and offers a range of excellent dives with exciting drop-offs such as Habil Ali, Habil Gafar, Gotta Kebir, Gotta Seghir,… The walls of these reefs are overgrown with big gorgonias, soft and hard coral and huge schools of fish congregate around spectacular vertical underwater gardens. In the blue you can see, with a little bit luck, “big fish” like Hammerhead, Grey Sharks, Silver Tip and White Tip Reef Sharks and Barracudas, Tunas and Mackerels. Sometimes even you can see Mantas and dolphins.

Note: All dives are subject to weather conditions.