This route will take you to the deepest South of the Egyptian Red Sea with a visit to the beautiful reefs of the St. John’s area and the even more southerly Abu Fendera reef.


St.John’s area is about 40 km from the Sudanese border and has been one of the top resorts of the Red Sea for years.
This collection of small reefs offers you 1 for 1 beautiful dives and is a topper for divers who love virgin coral formations, gorgonias, different species of sharks, barracudas, …

Habil Ali is covered with gorgonias and black coral and the west side of this reef offers a great chance of seeing hammerhead sharks, gray reef sharks & white tip sharks.

Habil Gafaar offers you a huge amount of soft coral with lots of small fish around and around the reef and chance of bigger game such as manta rays and different species of sharks in the deep waters further away from the reef.

Gota Kebir is one of St.John’s largest reefs and known for its many tunnels and caves.

Gota Soraya is considered one of the best wall dives in the Red Sea.

Abu Fendera

The large Abu Fendera reef of about 6 km long is 4 hours south sailing from the St.John’s reefs. The still intact reef offers some nice dives with a beautiful underwater landscape of hard coral (especially on the main reef) and soft coral (especially on the coral cubes) and many different fish species.
The Abu Fendera reef is known for the schools of hump parrotfish that are numerous here.

There is also a visit to the wreck the Endimyon that is close to the Siyul islands. This sailing yacht, sunk by a navigational error, is located at a depth of 15 m. In the vicinity of the wreck is a beautiful coral tower richly overgrown with soft coral. Around the corner are smaller coral formations and gorgonians.


Note: All divesites are subject to weather conditions.